About me

Hello I am Jamie. I am a 26 year old lifestyle and beauty  blogger, mother of one, wife, student, daughter and so many more titles that are hard to all put down. I decided to start blogging because I have so many things to say and share that I wasn’t sure what all to do with the ideas, that’s when I came across blogging. It is an escape for me. I get to journalize everything that I am thinking or wanting to share and I know that there will be many others who will get ideas doing the same thing.

I have a love of makeup. The whole industry is just amazing. I have found my love through life, mainly. I was never a girly girl in high school. I never was a cool kid. I kept to myself and tried to stay hidden and in the shadows. Never looking to really step out of my shell to be myself, afraid of putting myself out there and getting hurt. That all changed in college, I found the escape in makeup that I had never realized I needed. It has been a force for me that I have now found to be my saving grace. There is so much that can be done with it and that is another reason I started this blog. To share my favorite brands, looks, give my honest feedback to help others gain an insight in makeup that they may not have had before.

My hope is to share my ideas, thoughts, and favorite brands of makeup to help others guide their way through the market that is makeup. With this blog, there will be more information about makeup that I want to share with the world.


All of the content is 100% my words and ideas. The pictures used are taken from either the library of WordPress or captured from my own phone/camera.

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